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Streetwork against Salafism: German civil society counter-radicalisation activism

In recent years, civil society-led efforts to prevent Muslim youths’ turn to Salafism have intensified. Often described in terms of ‘preventing violent extremism’ (PVE) or...

Director General of MI5 warns of “unprecedented” danger of Islamist terrorism

MI5 Director General, Andrew Parker, has told a symposium of his European counterparts in Berlin that Islamist terrorism represents an “unprecedented” danger to the EU, along with the threat of Russian aggression.

Kurdish activists attack mosques in Germany suspected of pro-Turkish propaganda

Since Friday, March 9, a number of Turkish-linked institutions in Germany have been attacked by arsonists. At least three mosques, a Turkish cultural centre,...

Sentencing of teenage “soldier of the Islamic State” raises questions about...

17 year-old Lloyd Gunton was reportedly radicalised online, where he viewed Isis propaganda and accessed guides on carrying out terrorist attacks. Security services and ministers have issued warnings about “remote radicalisation”, which is thought to be becoming more common with the decline of Isis.