Clearer Picture Emerges of Suspect in Bomb Plot

    By ANAND GIRIDHARADAS BANGALORE, India, July 14 – A third man was charged with a terrorism offense on Saturday in the failed car bomb attacks in London and Glasgow, but on a minor charge that underscores the primacy of the focus on the two main suspects. One of them, Dr. Bilal Abdulla, was arrested after he emerged from the flaming wreckage of a Jeep Cherokee that slammed into the Glasgow airport terminal two weeks ago. He was charged with conspiring to cause explosions. The other main suspect, Kafeel Ahmed, 28, has not been charged: He is in critical condition from burns suffered in the attack and doctors are doubtful that he will survive. But interviews with Indian investigators and relatives are beginning to offer a clearer picture of a disciplined, professional and rigorously religious young man who was, perhaps surprisingly, helping to design airplane parts for the huge American manufacturer Pratt & Whitney even as he grew more intent on defending Islam around the world.

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