Scottish Authorities call for Unity after Glasgow Attack

    {Scottish authorities call for unity and respect for diversity following the recent trauma of an attempted attack at Glasglow International Airport on June 30, 2007. Talks were held following the attack between government officials and representatives of the Muslim community as part of Scotland Executive Mr. Salmond’s “One Scotland” campaign.} Original Title: “Call for unity after Muslim talks” Scotland’s communities must hold together against the threats of terrorism, racism and sectarianism, the first minister has urged. The call came as Alex Salmond met with Muslim leaders at a Bute House reception as part of the Scottish Executive’s One Scotland campaign. Mr Salmond said Scotland must not allow divisions to be created from within. Last month’s Glasgow Airport attack have led to fears of possible reprisals against the Muslim community. Mr Salmond was joined by Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Community Safety Minister Fergus Ewing and Solicitor General Frank Mulholland for the meeting, which included a question and answer session and an open discussion.

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