U.S. soldier in Iraq uses Koran for target practice

    U.S. military commanders have apologized to community leaders in Iraq after a soldier used a Quran for target practice. The Muslim holy book was found at a shooting range near Baghdad, riddled with holes. The U.S. military said the soldier had not been identified, but is a deeply embarrassing incident for the military, still struggling with fostering trust among Iraq’s diverse Muslim communities. Major-General Jeffrey Hammond, commander of U.S. troops in Baghdad, said “I am a man of honor, I am a man of character. You have my word this will never happen again.” Saeed al-Zubaie, head of U.S.-allied Sunni Arab tribal council said that while he was feeling bitterness after the incident was first uncovered, he appreciates the apology and is ok with them. President George Bush telephone Iraq’s prime minister to offer a personal apology for the desecration of the Muslim holy book.

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