Counter-terrorism chief praises Scottish approach

    SNP Home Affairs spokesperson, Pete Wishart MP, has welcomed comments by the Director-General of the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism praising Scotland’s community cohesion and ability to prevent young people becoming radicalised and joining terror groups. In an interview, Charles Farr, said: “I think the nature of communities in Scotland is discernibly different from the nature of communities south of the border. You have an ability to reach in and develop a strategy of this kind.” Farr also added that an independent Scotland would not be any more vulnerable to terrorists, saying: “It is not something that has crossed my mind that there is something inherent about independence that would make Scotland unsafe.” Mr Wishart said: “The Director Generals comments are very welcome, and a tribute to our young people. “Scots Asians are part of the Scottish tartan, woven into the fabric of our society. Studies show that young Asians feel even more Scottish than their non-Asian counterparts – who also feel incredibly Scottish. “Those who commit terrorist acts do so on the basis of their own individual, warped view of the world, they do not represent any of Scotland’s great faith communities.

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