Payout for worker after Islamophobic jibes

A legal assistant from Birmingham has won a £75,000 payout from her former employer after she was nicknamed “Tent Head” and “Mother Teresa” by a senior colleague, it has been revealed.

Saleca Faisal-Parkar, 31, from Great Barr, agreed to an out-of-court settlement at the start of a three-day tribunal in Birmingham. Mrs Faisal-Parkar was claiming compensation from legal firm Shakespeare Putsman LLP, formerly Shakespeares, for unfair treatment because of her pregnancy, religious beliefs, and traditions. She was employed at the Warwickshire-based firm from April 2004 to May 2007 as a paralegal in the banking litigation team and was subjected to taunts because of her appearance and her Muslim dress, her solicitor said.

Avi Pawar, director of Octavian Law, confirmed that Stephen Jones – then a partner in Shakespeares – sent an email referring to Mrs Faisal-Parkar as “Tent Head” and “Mother Teresa” because she wore a hijab. He said: “This is a good day for my client, who has been subjected to less favourable treatment by the firm where she worked on the grounds of race, religion and sex, which they have admitted, allowing her to move on.”

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