Imax film Journey to Mecca opens at the Ontario Science Centre

    Abu Abdullah Muhammed Ibn Abdullah Al Lawati Al Tanji Ibn Battuta is the subject of an Imax film playing at the Ontario Science Centre in conjunction with the new exhibit: Sultans of Science: 1,000 Years of Knowledge Rediscovered.

    Also known as Ibn Battuta, the thinker spent about half his life travelling, setting out from Tangier, Morocco, in AD 1325 and returning 29 years later to write the Rihla, a travel book for the ages. Journey to Mecca follows just the first year and several thousand kilometers of this epic expedition, but culminates in footage of the Hajj, that was the original reason for Battuta’s trip. Writer/director Bruce Neibaur does not attempt to recount the history and meaning of Islam (the film runs 45 minutes), but some knowledge of the tradition is evident.

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