French authorities seek to ban French comedian from fielding candidates

The French government is looking for ways to bar a prominent comedian from fielding candidates for European Parliamentary elections because of his anti-Semitic proposals. The comedian is on trial on charges of inciting hatred against Jews.

French comedian Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala has long been a controversial figure. He is a longtime friend of far-right French politician Jean Marie Le Pen. And he has long been known for his anti-Semitic remarks as an entertainer. He has also tried and failed twice to run for presidency. Those remarks have landed him in court on charges of inciting hatred.

But now he is taking on the political arena as his leftist party hopes to field candidates for June elections to the European Parliament. Dieudonné denies he is anti-Semitic. Rather, he said, he is fighting against a powerful Zionist lobby.

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