Following and Arrest

“On May 1st, New York’s Times Square was the target of a failed terrorist attack. In the extensive coverage of the incident, you will find the timeline of the incident leading to the arrest of the suspect right before he scarped the country. The coverage will also include the news following the arrest, the charges against the suspect and the debate around the suspect’s Miranda rights. It will review some of  the immediate consequences of the incident including debates about the effectiveness of the no-fly list, the heightened security measures in NYC and potential effects of the incident on US foreign policy. International dimensions of the incident in linkage to Pakistani Taliban as well as the coverage by Pakistani sources have also been included. Finally, a collection of links related to the suspect’s background is available.”

CBS: Suspect Charged With Five Counts
Associated Press via My Fox, The New York Time, USA Today and The Washington Post : Suspect’s Cooperation
Associated Press via MSNBC, The New York Time, USA Today, La Times and The Washington Post: The Miranda Right Issue

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