Anika Haverig

Project Responsibilities:

UK and Germany news and research

Contact Information:

[email protected]

Areas of Expertise:

  • Islam and Muslims in Germany
  • Islam and Muslims in the UK
  • Citizenship
  • Immigrant incorporation and integration in Western Europe
  • Multiculturalism and the “crisis of multiculturalism”

Select Publications:

Constructing global/ local subjectivities – The New Zealand OE as governance through freedom. Mobilities, Vol. 6 (1), 103 – 123.

Professional Bio:

Anika Haverig recently completed her doctoral studies in Sociology at the University of Kent, UK. Her PhD dissertation, entitled “Managing the “enemy within” – The Re-evaluation of Citizenship in Germany and the United Kingdom post-2001”, offers a comparative analysis of recent German and British policy initiatives designed to manage cultural diversity. More specifically, the thesis investigates how the citizenship regimes in the two states are changing to include not only formal forms of belonging, but also what it means to be a citizen in terms of culturally belonging to a nation.

Anika also holds an MA in Sociology from the University of Canterbury, NZ, and a teaching degree in Social Sciences and Mathematics from Bielefeld University, Germany. Her research interests are broadly focused on the field of mobilities, migration, and migrant incorporation .


CV Anika Haverig

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