Spanish Muslims ask not to generalize isolated terrorist acts and fear even more Islamophobia

Levante-EMV – 31/03/2012

On Friday sermon at the Islamic Cultural Center of Valencia,
the Toulouse killings in France were condemned and it was highlighted that this violent behavior had nothing to do with Islam. Just four days later, the Muslim communities of Valencia were painfully surprised by the arrest of the Al Qaeda Librarian, a Saudi ‘jihad’ accused of capturing terrorists through the Internet and encouraging the implementation of terrorist acts.
With “fear” that this will result in “an increase in Islamophobia” in the Region Valencia, the president of the Islamic Cultural Center of Valencia, Abdelaziz Hammaoui, launched yesterday “an appeal for calm to the whole society”, and “not generalize” these isolated attitudes because “that can do great damage not only to the Muslim community, but to the Spanish society as a whole, and can break down the work of awareness and approach we have been doing in recent years. Do not fall in what these people precisely want to plant: discord and hate. “

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