Swedish Defense League (SDL): “Majority of young Muslims in Europe do not want democracy”

August 1, 2012


On Saturday several Islamophobic organizations from all around the world gather on Norra Bantorget (a square in downtown Stockholm). English Defense League participate among other groups. They plan to gather in order to protest what they view as increased Islamization of Europe. These organizations choose to gather in Sweden primarily due to the failed terrorist attack in Stockholm in December 2010, this according to one of the organizers and the SDL’s spokesperson Isak Nygren.


“We want to show that we are not alone in our resistance to Islam. We want to show that we are many, and the more numerous we are the better it is (for our cause). We want to protect the democratic and open society, which Islam is against. There are no Muslim democracies,” says Isak Nygren.


‘Isn’t Kosovo democratic?’


Nygren answers, “I have never heard that they held any elections in Kosovo.” (NOTE: Kosovo has held four parliamentary elections since 1991, in the latest election, Social Democrats won – PDK).


‘What about the recent elections in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya?’


“The elections have been arranged by the West, soon they will abolish voting and elections, just what they did on the Gaza strip in 2006.”


‘Don’t you think that young people in the Arab world want democracy?’


”No, it is the same in Europe, majority of the young Muslims in Europe do not want democracy.”


‘What evidences support your claims that Muslims do not want democracy?’

”If you consider that the Islamist movement has grown since the 1980s, that is reflected in that many Muslim states has receded in development. The most obvious example is Afghanistan.”


‘Wasn’t it the desire for democracy that fueled the Arab Spring?’


“It had nothing to do with democracy. They (the people) were fed up with the secular state power. Majority of the Egyptians do not want democracy, (if so) they wouldn’t have voted for the (Muslim) Brotherhood.”


‘So, a regular Muslim does not want democracy?’


“Well they allow themselves to be ruled by certain groups which are against democracy. The silent majority allows the loud majority to rule.”


‘What are the signs that Sweden is being Islamized?’


“Couple years ago, a first Sharia court was formed in Malmö. And we are witnessing increase in building of Islamic centres. Also, there is gender apartheid in pool houses where they are closed for access to the public except for the Muslim women who also pull the drapes over the windows.”


‘But the so called Sharia court in Malmö has only counseling rights no judicial function.’


“Not according to the Swedish law, but it is how everything starts. First we have family jurisprudence than it develops.”


‘What is the problem (more specifically)?’


”These are small steps and in the long run these (steps) can lead to decreased rights of expression. If you criticize Islam you are automatically called an Islamophob and all other kinds of names.”


‘But isn’t the demonstration this Saturday a sign of freedom of expression?’


“There is still some freedom (allowed), but the media will lie about us.”

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