08 February 2013


Spanish Police Force arrested yesterday in the city of Valencia a suspect of Islamic terrorism, a Moroccan citizen, Mohamed Echaabi.
The monitoring and control carried out by the National Police on the detainee and his activities, have confirmed his intentions to commit terrorist acts against personalities or other targets, according to the doctrine of the Global Jihad, both in Spain and in other European countries, for which the prisoner took steps to acquire firearms and explosives.
Mohamed Echaabi had undergone a process of radicalization by which he gained firm convictions that led him to leave Spain and travel to the Gaza Strip in January 2011, in order to carry out a suicidal action against Israeli interests.
Echaabi is considered by the police as a “lone wolf or a terrorist” recruited by terrorist networks, and self-radicalized through the Internet. Moreover, the alleged terrorist presented a profile almost identical to the one of French terrorist Mohamed Merah, author of several murders in Toulouse (France) in March 2012.

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