Either the Church Denounces Islam or We Will Be Overwhelmed: An Interview with Magdi Cristiano Allam, President of “I Love Italy” and a member of European Parliament.

In an interview, Magdi Cristiano Allam says he disagrees with the Catholic Church in the Church’s embrace of Islam. The interviewer asks, “but Jesus taught to continue a dialogue with the violent,” to which Allam states, “the dialogue takes place between people, it is a tool that can be productive if you share the same values and if your goal is in common, however if the goal is to impose a religion than the goals are different. Allam then says “John Paul II came to kiss the Koran, Benedict XVI prayed in a Mosque, now Pope Francesco refers to Muslims as those who believe in one God.” Allam ended the interview by saying “the Qur’an and Allah have nothing to do with Jesus.”


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