Muslims in Spain condemn the extremist assassinations

“We are shocked and awed by the cruel slaughter perpetrated by terrorists in the headquarters of the satirical weekly journal, Charlie Hebdo in Paris, a heartless criminal action, with total disregard for human life that deserves our strongest condemnation and conviction.

From the Union of Islamic Communities in Spain and the Islamic Commission of Spain, we strongly condemn this murderous action, feeling solidarity with the French people, with whom we are in dismayed, feeling their pain as ours, together in whatever are our religious beliefs or humanistic views we adhere to the condemnation expressed by our Government of Spain and express our condolences and solidarity for the victims, on behalf of the Spanish people.

We reiterate once again, from the Union of Islamic Communities in Spain, our firm condemnation of the violence that is no way to solve anything but only to deepen a conflict and to deepen the wounds and resentments, especially with these heinous murders, which we condemn and reject with disgust.

We hope that the ongoing research will succeed so that all citizens can continue to build a future of peace, safe from criminal threats, and we pray to God Almighty for it.”

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