If today elections would be held the Dutch anti-Islam party PVV (Party for Freedom) would win 35 seats in parliament and thus become the biggest party of the Netherlands. It is the second time since the breakaway of PVV-leader Geert Wilders from the Dutch Liberal Party (VVD) in 2004. This emerged out of the opinion poll carried out by Dutch researcher Maurice de Hond.

According to De Hond this record is related to the refugee crisis. In the last tree months the party has won fifteen seats. In the same period the VVD and the SP (Socialist Party) lost six seats and the CDA (Christian Democrats) lost tree seats. But according to De Hond this does not mean that people switched directly to the PVV.

The opinion poll furthermore says that of the 95 percent of people who are now voting for the PVV are of the opinion that the borders should be closed to refugees. Amongst supporters of other parties this percentage is much lower.

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