Eleven men arrested after attack on refugee center in Dutch city

Eleven people were arrested after an attack on an emergency refugee center in the Dutch city of Woerden. All are men between the ages of 19 and 35. They will be held in custody for now.

A total of twenty men were involved in the attack on the refugee center. They pushed over barriers and threw firework bombs and eggs. Security forces of the refugee center calls the police after which the suspects ran away. With the help of bystanders the men could be arrested.

All men were living in and around Woerden. They were clad in black and were wearing balaclavas. The mayor of Woerden Victor Molkenboer thinks the men belongs to a single group. He spoke of a “sick group”.

Mayor Molkenboer says that the refugees were very frightened. “Most of them come from war zones. Hearing explosions gives them a traumatic experience. It has made a deep impression on them”.

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