Religious leaders respond to Boubakeur’s Elysée absence

Several Muslim leaders have reacted to Dalil Boubakeur’s absence at the Elysée’s annual meeting with France’s religious leaders. “The message is clear,” said one of the Muslim community’s principal figures, “there is no longer special treatment for Dalil Boubakeur. The CFCM is indeed the privileged interlocutor.”

Past CFCM presidents, including Mohammed Moussaoui, were invited. Abdallah Zekri, the CFCM’s Executive Officer, reported that “the [meeting’s] discussion was positive and open.”

“There was a willingness to work together among Islam’s representatives,” said Ahmed Ogras, current CFCM president, who is close to the AKP and Turkey’s president Erdogan. Ogras intends to remedy Boubakeur’s anger. “We will meet with him soon,” he said.


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