Reactions to Christophe Castaner: ‘A short time ago…our mothers wore the Catholic veil’

In a recent RTL interview Christophe Castaner stated: “Only a short time ago, in France, when even our mothers wore the Catholic veil, we did not ask the same questions.”

Castaner was responding to President Macron’s comments on the veil, in which he stated it should be “tolerated,” while adding: “it is not in keeping with civility in our country, that is, the relationship between men and women.”

Jean Messiha, National Front executive, described Castaner’s comments as “crazy, ludicrous and dangerous.”

Gard’s National Front deputy, Gilbert Collard, tweeted: “Castaner, walking on the water, saw his mother wearing the Catholic veil in the 70s! Was the hallucination due to the wine from mass?”

Bouches-du-Rhone deputy Valerie Boyer also mocked Castaner. “Who will explain to him that the Islamic veil rests on a conception according to which the man cannot resist feminine beauty?”

Florian Philippot tweeted: “We think we’ve hit rock bottom, but each time we dig a bit deeper…”

Roger Kartouchi, former French ambassador to the OECD, tweeted: “Castaner compares the Islamic veil to the veil worn by all Catholic women ‘not long ago’…I had not noticed all these ladies in mantillas in our streets .. Either Castaner is in the wrong time period … or is in the wrong country?”



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