Anti-Islamic extremist Martin Sellner, linked to Christchurch shooter, permanently banned from entering the UK.

Martin Sellner, an anti-Islamic extremist, has been permanently excluded from entering the UK. Sellner is the Austrian leader of Generation Identity, an organisation which is being investigated in Austria over links to the Christchurch shooting suspect. Austrian authorities have been investigating Sellner’s connections to Brenton Tarrant, who is currently on trial for the murder of 51 people at two Mosques in Christchurch.  Tarrant had communicated with Sellner and made a €1,500 (£1,300) donation to Generation Identity.

The ‘notice of Decision’ letter to Sellner by the UK Home Office has been posted online, explaining its reason for the decision as because he is the co-founder and de-facto leader of an organisation “which actively promotes anti-Islamic and anti-Immigration narratives and directly targets Islamic and immigrant communities through publicity stunts”,  publicity stunts which the letter says he is likely to undertake in the UK in addition to providing support to the UK branch of Generation Identity. Generation Identity, the youth wing of the Identitarian Movement, has cropped up across Europe. According to its website, it has chapters in Flanders, Germany, Austria, France, and Italy.

In Germany, it has been classified as extremist right wing group, with the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) saying that the Movement is now considered “a verified extremist right movement against the liberal democratic constitution”, because of the extreme right background of those involved and its activities pushing against non-white presence in Europe.  This classification allows for more surveillance powers over the group.

Such activities the group has already undertaken includes chartering its own vessel to disrupt NGO boats attempting to rescue refugees in the Mediterranean Sea and running its own military style training camps in France.

Links between Sellner and Tommy Robinson, described as a figurehead for the British far-right and anti-Islam activism, and who was found guilty in early July of contempt of court for live-streaming footage of defendants of a grooming gang in a 2018 criminal trial, have been highlighted by commentators on twitter.




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