Bavarian court upholds hijab ban in the judiciary

Germany’s long-running judicial wrangling over the ability of Muslim women to wear the hijab in public employment has been enriched by a further episode. The Bavarian Administrative Court in Munich decreed that prohibitions banning court personnel from wearing the Islamic headcovering were permissible. Decisions based...

Muslims in Germany: The long road to acceptance and the ‘integration’ paradigm

In an article appearing on Qantara, Deutsche Welle's online platform seeking to foster cross-cultural dialogue with, broadly speaking, the Islamic world, journalist Tonio Postel takes stock of Muslim life in Germany between participation and exclusion, integration and Islamophobia. Growing participation of Muslim migrants in society The exercise...

Spectator’s claim 32,000 Muslims pose credible threat to national security found to be inaccurate by IPSO five months after publication

A claim made by the Spectator in September, 2017 that “there are an estimated 32,000 Muslims eager to commit the next terror atrocity” has been found to be “significantly” inaccurate by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). It took the article five months to be corrected, during which time countless readers will have read the false statistics, which misrepresent British Muslims.

Muslim festival will celebrate Islamic literature, ideas, and culture, and challenge Islamophobia

MFest, which will be held at the British Library in London on 27th-29th April, will celebrate Islamic literature, ideas, and culture, and aims to challenge the idea that Islam and Muslims are a monolithic and static block, which is one of the fundamental features of Islamophobia.

Facebook bans Britain First a week after the anti-Muslim extremist group’s leaders were jailed...

The leader and deputy leader of Britain First have been jailed for the religiously aggravated harassment of Muslims, and the group’s Facebook pages have been banned for inciting hatred. Facebook’s actions follow calls from authorities for social media firms to do more to combat hate speech.

Kurdish activists attack mosques in Germany suspected of pro-Turkish propaganda

Since Friday, March 9, a number of Turkish-linked institutions in Germany have been attacked by arsonists. At least three mosques, a Turkish cultural centre, and a greengrocery were targeted.1) A string of arson...

As four UK MPs receive ‘Punish a Muslim day’ packages, the Home Office says...

Suspicious packages received by four Muslim MPs have been linked to the ‘Punish a Muslim day’ campaign. After the incidents were raised in Parliament, the Home Office said a definitive definition of Islamophobia was not needed as Islamophobia is already clearly recognised and effectively monitored.

Mayor of London launches #endthehate campaign to combat hate speech

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has launched a hashtag campaign to encourage action against hate speech. He launched the #endthehate campaign through a video on his personal and mayoral Twitter feed in conjunction with his keynote address to SXSW 2018, and also called on social media companies to do more to combat it.

Founder of ‘liberal’ mosque in Berlin sparks ridicule with comments on the hijab

Seyran Ateş, controversial founder of an avowedly ‘liberal’, gender-equal mosque in Berlin at which she serves as female Imam, has been faced with disbelief at her most recent comments on the Muslim headscarf. Women's rights...

Five mosques given new or upgraded listings by English Heritage, marking Muslim places of...

The Shah Jahan mosque in Surrey has been granted Grade I status, the highest protected building status, and the London Mosque has been granted Grade II status. The elevations officially mark mosques as an integral part of English heritage, and celebrates the heritage of British Muslim communities.

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