Adviser to police on Interpol wanted list

    A man wanted by Interpol for alleged terrorist offences is advising Scotland Yard on ways to combat extremism among Muslims. Mohammed Ali Harrath, 45, regularly speaks to officers from a section set up to keep in contact with Britain’s Muslim community. Scotland Yard has also been urged by the former intelligence chief Baroness Neville-Jones to sack Mr Harrath, it was reported by The Times. Lady Neville-Jones, who chaired the Joint Intelligence Committee and is a former governor of the BBC, demanded answers Monday from Scotland Yard, the Home Office and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, over the state of affairs surrounding Mr Harrath. “Unless and until the Interpol red notice is removed it seems quite wrong that Mohamed Ali Harrath should be employed as an adviser,” Lady Neville-Jones, the Shadow Security Minister, said. “The Government must answer some very serious questions about its border control and vet-ting systems. Both the Home Office and Metropolitan Police have access to Interpol’s information. Did the Home Office access this information before allowing Mohamed Ali Harrath to enter, and did the Metropolitan Police check it before allowing him to work for them? If not, why not? “If they did access Interpol’s data, how could the Home Office let in and the Met employ an individual with a red notice for alleged links to a suspected terrorist organisation? The FCO must be aware that the Tunisian Government, an ally in the fight against terrorism, has asked for the extradition of this man.”

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