Sweden: Inhabitants of the city of Rosengård believe the Malmo suburb is “growing more radical”

According to research from the Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies at the Swedish National Defense College, examinations were conducted concerning the preventative measures taken in Sweden against violent extremism and radicalism. As part of the studies, the researchers conducted extensive interviews with school personnel and police officers active in the Rosengård district. The vast majority of respondents viewed the predominantly immigrant suburb of Malmo outside Rosengård as having become considerably more radical over the last five years.

The research reveals that “ultra-radical” Islamists attached to basement mosques “preach isolation and act as thought controllers while also maintaining a strong culture of threats, in which women in particular are subjected to physical and psychological harassment. Researchers concluded that the number of radicals is extremely limited, but they “exert an influence through manipulation and exploiting the situation.”

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