Tensions rise on Canadian university campuses with Israel Apartheid Week

As hostilities in Gaza cooled off last month, tensions on campuses across Canada have heated up with “Israel Apartheid Week.” At Toronto’s Ryerson University, left-leaning teachers and students hosted a conference called “Gaza: War? Occupation? Apartheid?” the lead-up to Israel Apartheid Week. More tensions have arisen at Toronto’s York University. At York, two police forces are investigating possible hate crimes.

On other campuses, like the University of Manitoba, the Muslim Students’ Association put up a series of posters near a campus bookshop that drew irate complaints. One of them, for instance, depicted a Jewish fighter plane targeting a baby stroller. The school forced their removal the same day. Retired York professor Michiel Horn told the National Post that only about 2,000 people — out of 50,000 — typically drive this tension. “The rest couldn’t give a damn,” he said, adding, “A professor from the University of Toronto once offered a good motto on the Middle East: two wrongs don’t make a right, and two rights make nothing but trouble.”

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