Muslim party founded in Denmark

In Denmark a Muslim party has been founded. The party is called ‘Denmark’s Muslims’ and the party’s mission is to fight for socially marginalized people.

The founder, Ras Anbessa, converted to Islam in 2008. He is currently a member of the Danish Social Democrats. He has also been part of the left-wing antiracism network called ‘The Black Sheeps’. However, he is not impressed by the left-wing opposition in Denmark and he thinks there is a need for a political party who fights for the rights of minorities.

How big support the party will get from Danish Muslims is unknown. At the moment the party’s Facebook group has 1,300 members. Professor in Political
Science at University of Copenhagen, Kasper Møller Hansen, considers it to
be very difficult for ‘Denmark’s Muslims’ to gain seats in the national
parliament. Many of the established parties already have Muslim candidates
of whom several is elected to parliament. Furthermore there are many
fractions among Danish Muslims. “Muslims are not just Muslims and because
you are Muslim it doesn’t mean you would support a certain party,” Kasper
Møller Hansen says.

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