February 7, 2014


An 18 year old woman applying for a job with the staffing agency All-In was told that she could not work there if she wore a headscarf. The woman did not wear a headscarf to the interview, but had done so during a previous internship. The company asked her about the headscarf, stating “we are a Dutch company and are allowed to make demands.”

Judith van Aalst, a spokesperson for All-In, is quoted by /Spits/ as saying All-In was warning the woman about possible client reactions: “Some 95% of our clients are Polish and she might have been bullied. That is why I raised the headscarf issue.” The woman is now making a formal complaint to the police.

Dutch News- http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2014/02/staffing_agency_says_no_job_fo.php

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