15th May 2014

Ukip (UK Independence party) has become embroiled in yet another Islamophobia row after it emerged that one of its candidates has urged Catholics that they “must be ready to die” for their faith which is “the only countermeasure” to the “world domination” of Islam.

The candidate John Kearney is standing in Basingstoke. In a blog dedicated to his Catholic beliefs, he accused Muslims of having “contempt for human life” and said last year: “The real threat now comes from militant Islam who persecute the Church and martyr Christians in a way that reminds us of the early Church.” He also alleged that Britain is “a country run by sexual perverts who delight in child abuse”, something he partly blames on Muslim teachings.

His views emerged as Ukip was fending off criticism over candidate Heino Vockrodt, standing in Brent, who described Islam as a “totalitarian ideology” that is “against everything modern Britain stands for”. He added that parts of the borough resembled Afghanistan’s Helmand province.

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